So theres this kid who sits behind me in spanish class and over the past few days hes started to think joking about suicide is funny. And telling this other also super anoying kid to go kill himself repeatedly (jokingly) telling him to “go hang yourself” and “just go die already” now im someine whi has thought. About doing these very things. But would never put my family through the trama. And my aunt has resently ran infront of a truck going down the highway a couple months back. so i flipped out on him and told him suicide isnt funny. But at the end of the year i want to punch him in the face, and say ” IF LIFES A JOKE THEN YOUR THE PUNCHLINE!” And break his nose. :)

Out of four familys youd think one would be for me.. one I’d fit in with. As I grew up I just realized more and more people didn’t like me. .my “family” just keeps me around because i they had/have to.